Battery Packs for Electric Vehicles

Custom Battery Packs

Microgreen designs lithium-ion battery packs for electric buses, mining trucks and other speciality vehicles using top brand battery cells

What We Offer

Advanced Features

  • LFP cells from CATL - the world’s largest manufacturer
  • Tailored electrical performance & form factor
  • High energy density for maximum range
  • Combined active heating and liquid cooling for the Canadian climate
  • CATL cells tested vigorously to withstand extreme physical and electrical stresses

Quality. Reliability. Flexibility.

  • 13 years experience providing customized battery solutions
  • State-of-the-art laser welding and manufacturing facilities in Canada
  • Maintenance and warranty services in Ontario
  • Fast delivery of custom-engineered designs

End-to-End Solutions

  • Tech support to define specifications
  • Electrical/mechanical design
  • Back-end support from CATL design team
  • Homologation & testing

Design Examples

62 kWh battery for electric-powered boat. Designed and assembled by Microgreen in Ontario

EV battery pack for boat
EV battery pack for boat

Collaborating on 422 kWh battery retrofit. JETI brand Electric Bus operating in Nordic weather

EV battery pack for boat
EV battery mechanical architecture layout

Battery designs tailored to customer requirements

Customized EV battery solution
Customized EV battery solution