Affordable TURNKEY off-grid solutions

Microgreen makes living off the grid a reality, with exclusive-to-Microgreen products designed to take your home, cottage, RV and boat off-grid in the simplest and most cost-effective way!.

PLUG-&-PLAY SYSTEMS + custom designs

Microgreen offers low cost off-grid solar power and storage system for home and cottage

Off-grid for
Cottages & Homes

Plug-and-play green power. Compact & easy to install. Pays for itself in as little as 30 months!

solar panels & system kits for offgrid solution

Solar Panels
& System Kits

Highly efficient panels, also available
in low-cost complete system kits.
Energy Pak Lithium Batteries

Energy Pak
Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries giving you more power and less weight with longer lifetime

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Microgreen Power Pak complete off-grid system in a box

Power Pak

Our best-selling solar system integration box to go off-grid in ONE day

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Energy Pak lithium batteries to power marine & RVs

Power for Marine & Recreational Vehicles

Reliable and efficient power when you're on the move and at low cost!

Emergency Back-up System

Backup Pak

Emergency power for home and cottage. When the grid goes down, you DON'T

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