Lithium battery bank for your boat
Now you can stay out on the water longer!

Microgreen's Energy Pak lithium battery lets you go boating and stay out on the water longer without worrying about battery drain.

Its Energy Pak marine lithium battery bank is designed specifically for sail boats and power boats. Clean and quiet power for days.

Why lithium batteries are ideal for boating

marine lithium battery is superfast charging than lead acid battery
marine lithium battery has higher capacity than lead acid battery
marine lithium battery is lighter weight than lead acid battery
marine lithium battery has longer life than lead acid battery
marine lithium battery has zero maintenance compared to lead acid battery
marine lithium battery is quiet, unlike noisy generators

Why choose Energy Pak marine lithium for your boat

 Higher quality battery cells

Energy Pak uses rigorously tested lithium cells for heavy duty applications by CATL, the world leader in lithium technology.

 Safer with smart battery management

Microgreen's built-in Battery Management System (BMS) is the brain of the Energy Pak lithium bank that controls and regulates the power delivery. It protects from over charge, over discharge and over current, thus extending battery life.

Energy Pak lithium battery management system monitors power level.

 Easy battery monitoring

Energy Pak has a remote display to easily control your energy usage with real-time reporting of battery status.

EnergyPak marine lithium remote control
LED display/Remote Controller

Options custom-tailored for your boat

Solar & storage customized systems to fit your power requirements

After analyzing your specific needs, we will design a system to fit your boat and power requirements. We take care of all the details from inverter placement, charge controller, DC disconnect and battery cables all wired onto your new board.

We have our own production and design team that creates and tests installations. We have thousands of our installations in the field.

We would be happy to assist you in designing your system.
  Email us your requirements.

The ultimate in boating freedom: A complete off-grid system!

Diagram illustrating Microgreen Energy pak lithium battery for mobile power

Besides the Energy Pak battery bank, Microgreen's Power Pak - an all-in-one integrated inverter charger system - can charge your batteries from the grid, a generator, or solar panels.

The Power Pak gives you reliable and efficient house power wherever you are, out on the water. It's a green and cost-effective way to charge your batteries and power the electrical loads on your boat.

You can plug your on-board appliances and devices directly into the Power Pak

Going off-grid has never been easier, faster, and less costly! Simply install the Power Pak, connect it to the Energy Pak batteries, and solar panels, and you are ready to go.

Microgreen also supplies solar panels specifically designed for boats, both flexible and semi-flexible solar panels.

Microgreen products for your boat

Energy Pak 3 and 6 kWh lithium battery

Microgreen Energy Pak 3 and 6 kWh
- lithium battery designed for boat power and RVs

Power Pak MINI model to power marine and RVs

Microgreen Power Pak MINI
- off-grid solar integration box designed for marine and RVs

Semi flexible solar panels for marine boats & RVs

Semi flexible solar panels
- 55W - 110W high efficiency flexible solar modules

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