Containerized Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
Top energy density. Reliable in harsh environments. Best return on investment

Microgreen containerized energy storage

We offer unmatched benefits to customers

  1. Top energy density
    We combine high energy density batteries, power conversion and control systems in an upgraded shipping container package. Lithium batteries are CATL brand, whose LFP chemistry packs 1 MWh of energyinto a battery volume of 2.88 m3 weighing 5,960 kg.

  2. Reliability in harsh environmental conditions
    Our design incorporates safety protection mechanisms to endure extreme environments and rugged deployments. Our system will operate reliably in varying locations from North America to sub-Saharan Africa.

  3. Customizable formats to optimize return on the investment
    We adapt our reference design to fit customers’ specific energy storage/power requirements and environmental conditions.
    We use modelling simulation to optimize system design for delivering the best price performance for every customer use-case.

Reference designs for Microgreen containerized storage solution
Container size 20 feet 30 feet 40 feet
Standard Max. Standard Max. Standard Max.
Total Weight 18,000 kg 22,000 kg 26,000 kg 30,000 kg 38,000 kg 45,000 kg
Energy capacity 1.24 MWh 1.8 MWh 2.06 MWh 2.8 MWh 2.89 MWh 4 MWh
Nominal output Power 315 kW 0.9 MW 630 kW 1.4 MW 1,260 kW 2 MW
AC output voltage 380 Vac ±10%
DC voltage range 666-856 V
Operating temperatures -40℃~55℃

World-leading battery technology

  • The core technology used in Microgreen containerized energy storage solutions are top quality Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LFP) cells from CATL.
  • CATL’s 280Ah LiFePO4 (LFP) cell is the safest and most stable chemistry among all types of lithium ion batteries, while achieving 6,000 charging cycles or more.
  • CATL serves global automotive OEMs. It is the global volume leader among Tier 1 lithium battery suppliers with plant capacity of 77 GWh (year-end 2019 data).


Features & performance

  • Range of MWh: we offer 20, 30 and 40-foot container sizes to provide an energy capacity range of 1.0 – 2.9 MWh per container to meet all levels of energy storage demands.
  • Optimized price performance for every usage scenario: customized design to offer both competitive up-front cost and lowest cost-of-ownership.
  • Insulated containers: safe and secure access with active thermal management to optimize battery life and offer a work-friendly operating environment.
  • Proven Battery Management System (BMS): achieves climate-proof operation over the widest range of hot/cold and wet/dry conditions.
  • Fire protection and HVAC: built-in to optimize safety and lengthen battery life.
  • Multiple inverter brands are available in our solution to meet regional ratings and approvals.
  • Multiple AC/DC supply inputs: multiple connections to renewable energy sources (eg. ground-mount/rooftop solar, wind turbine), AC grid connection, diesel generator.
  • Customized EMS: battery monitoring & diagnostics and IoT data reporting; controllable load parameters for power on/off including microgrid demand, back-up triggers and hourly price schedules.
  • Modular design of system architecture facilitates scalability and expansion.

System layout

Energy Pak lithium battery management system monitors power level.

Schematic of primary component of containerized energy storage


Microgreen solutions provide reliable power and energy storage for off-grid regular loads, grid-support cases and emergency back-up, with switchable energy input from renewable energy, a grid connection or diesel generator.

Modular and scalable architecture supports these use cases:

  • Reliable off-grid: day/night, EV fleet plug-in or other load shifting, extending duration from minutes to hours to multi-day periods offsetting renewable intermittency
  • Grid support: smooths renewable intermittency, offsets supply shut-downs, ramp rates, peak management, frequency regulations, voltage support, and rate arbitrage
  • Back-up power: replaces traditional diesel genset with silent, pollution-free solution that reduces GHG emissions
block diagram illustrating Energy Pak lithium battery powering appliances in marine or RVs