Lithium Batteries

Energy Pak lithium batteries

The Energy Pak Advantage
More power. Less weight. Lower cost.

 Higher quality battery cells

Energy Pak uses rigorously tested lithium cells for heavy duty applications by CATL, the world leader in lithium technology.

 Built-in heater

Protects battery cells in cold weather and improves performance.

 Easy battery monitoring

Energy Pak has a remote display to easily control your energy usage with real-time reporting of battery status.

EnergyPak marine lithium battery remote control
LED display / Remote Controller

 Safer with smart battery management

Microgreen's built-in Battery Management System (BMS) is the brain of the Energy Pak lithium bank that controls and regulates the power delivery. It protects from over charge, over discharge and over current, thus extending battery life.

Energy Pak lithium battery management system monitors power level
EnergyPak lithium battery management system  monitoring via bluetooth app Smart BMS monitoring via bluetooth app

3 Models of Energy Pak - Increased Capacity for 2023!

For boat, RV or cabin
boat RV cabin

Energy Pak 3.5

  • 3.5 kWh capacity
  • 12 Volt output
CDN$ 3,200.00

For cottage, modular home or bigger boats
4 kW solar system kit for cottage bus

Energy Pak 7

  • 7 kWh capacity
  • 12/24 Volt output
CDN$ 5,200.00

For off-grid home, transit bus emissions reduction system
10 kW solar system kit for homebus

Energy Pak 14

  • 14 kWh capacity, 24/48 Volt output
CDN$ 9,200.00

We can calculate your electrical load and determine a system that best fits your needs based on your electrical power usage.

Why choose lithium batteries over lead acid

marine lithium light weight benefits
marine lithium longer life benefits
marine lithium zero maintenance benefits
marine lithium quiet, no noisy generator benefits


Energy Pak Lithium Batteries Specifications Summary
MODEL Energy Pak 3.5 Energy Pak 7 Energy Pak 14
ENERGY 3.5 kWh 7 kWh 14 kWh
WEIGHT 33 kg 60 kg 115 kg
60 x 21 x 27 cm
15 x 9 x 13 in
L x W x H
62 x 42 x 27 cm
15 x 20 x 13 in
L x W x H
33 x 56 x 122 cm
21 x 12 x 47 in
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 12 V 12 V or 24 V 24 V or 48 V
MAXIMUM POWER 3.5 kW 3.5 kW or 7 kW 7 kW or 14 kW
OPERATING LIFE TIME 6000 cycles 6000 cycles 6000 cycles
WARRANTY 5 years 5 years 5 years


  • Low cost
    Lithium battery costs less over its entire lifetime.
  • Light weight
    Weighs 75% less than lead acid. Saves fuel when used in a vehicle or a boat.
  • Powerful
    Able to deliver higher peak power for heavy loads than lead acid - continuous current as high as 250 A and surge current of 700 A.
  • Fast charging
    Fully charges in 2 hours.
  • Long life time
    Typically 6000 charging cycles, or more than 4 times the lifetime of lead acid.
  • High quality
    Energy Pak uses battery cells from the world leader CATL, and are backed by a 3 year warranty plus local after-sales service, ensuring trouble-free performance.
  • Built-in Battery Management System (BMS)
    Ensures the safe operation of the battery by protecting it from over charge, over discharge and over current, thereby extending the lifetime of the battery
  • Built-in heater
    Protects battery cells in cold weather and improves performance.
  • Battery monitoring
    User can monitor the battery status through an LCD display or computer connection.
  • Convenient
    Simple connections make lithium batteries easier to deploy and use.
  • Customizable
    Microgreen can make a custom configuration to match your power, voltage and capacity needs.

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