Microgreen 10B Mobile Power

  • Pure sine wave output, different output frequency and output voltage selectable
  • DSP chip control management, modular design
  • LED lights for indicating battery status and charging status
  • Multi-functional machine, integrated function of AC charge
  • MPPT solar charge, inverter output and DC 12V output
  • Polymer Lithium battery as storage battery, different power capacity selectable
  • Impeccable protection function: low voltage, over voltage

Office Equipment

  • PC, telephone, printer, display device, copying machine, fax machine, paper shredder, projector, etc.
Home Device
  • TV, video recorder, sounding device, DVD display device, VCD display device, fan, lighting, and refrigerator

Travel use

  • Outdoor lighting, microwave oven, cooking etc.

Outdoor use

  • Power tool, vehicle recovery, rescue and relief work, commercial promotion use, etc.

Entertainment use:

  • Mobile phone, PDA, digital video recorder, digital camera, battery charge, GPS satellite navigation etc.

Electrical Specifications

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