Power Pak DIY Version 2

A Complete Off-Grid System

  • This new generation Off-Grid product will revolutionize the Alternative energy market.
  • It can be a Back-up system or by a flick of a switch become a complete off grid system for the home.
  • It comes pre-assembled and tested with all the appropriate components and wiring needed for an Off-Grid system making it an easy setup up for the DIY’er


  • Mode 1 - UPS:
    • The Power Pak can back up circuits in your home, so when the power goes out, you are protected. No need for a noisy, expensive, fuel consuming generator.
    • This system is fully configured to switch automatically over to battery power, when the grid goes down. Protect your fridge, freezer, furnace, water pump (if you have one) or a sump pump
  • Mode 2 - Off-Grid:
    • Switch the system over and you have a complete Off-Grid system. Bring in solar and you are fully functioning.
    • Two of these units could take a home off the grid.
  • World wide remote access, (IoT) :
    • Open an app on your phone to verify the status of your Power Pak system. In Mode 1; if the grid power goes down, the Power Pak will message your cell phone and let you know your you are operating on back-up power.
    • In Mode 2; the system will message your phone when it is low on battery power. You can program the Power Pak to perform specifi c tasks. Like turn on the outside lights before you arrive.
  • Solar panels:
    • Connect the panels directly to the system, the controller is built inside the unit.
    • For 12 volt version, you can hook up 2 – 260 watt panels, connect the two in parallel or series.
    • For 24 volt version, you can connect 4 – 260 watt panels, connect two sets of series panels and parallel these two sets together. Before connecting to the controller.
  • Batteries:
    • The cabinet holds 4 batteries.
    • It comes with two as a starter system.
  • DC meter:
    • This will allow you to see how much solar power is being fed into the batteries and the voltage level of the batteries.
  • AC meter:
    • Monitor how many watts are being drawn out of the batteries instantaneously, or for the whole weekend.
    • The size of your system must match your demand. The AC Kilowatt consumption value will inform you if you are using more than expected.
    • It is important to size your system correctly, so you do not damage the batteries.

Features Details
Inverter 3 Kw sine wave at 12 Volts
Solar Panels Canadian Solar Inc. 260 watt
Controller 40 amp EP Solar controller
DC monitor EP Solar MT-50
AC Monitor displays AC volts, watts and Kw consumed
Batteries AGM 12 Volt 120 amp-hr rated
DC fuse 300 amp
AC breakers 30 amp input and 30 amp output
Solar input 40 amp DC breaker provided


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