Transportation solutions

Reducing carbon emissions

Microgreen designs and manufactures lithium ion battery packs for the production of electric vehicles to serve green transportation.

Microgreen's anti-idling solution using solar energy and storage batteries reduces fuel consumption and noise.

EV power from lithium ion batteries

Deliver driving range and safety to EVs

battery modules for EVsEV battery modules
battery pack for EVsEV battery packs

Microgreen's next-generation products : made-in-Canada

Lithium battery packs for the production of electric vehicles (EVs) and the conversion of diesel power trains.

EV battery packs from top brand battery cells, custom designed to OEM requirements.

State-of-the-art laser welding and manufacturing facilities.

Drawing on design experience of our R&D networks with NRC, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo.

Retrofitting anti-idling into heavy duty vehicles

Cut emissions & noise

Green retrofits to power HVAC on transit & trucks

A cleaner and faster way to power the HVAC on transit buses, trucks, service vehicles and RVs

Designed with Microgreen's innovation of a lithium battery system + battery management system (BMS) + energy management system (EMS).

Compact and lightweight system from solar energy and storage batteries.

Empirical data demonstrate reduction of 10 kg of carbon emission and saving of 4 litres of fuel per day from diesel buses, service fleets or trucks.

Power HVAC and auxiliary loads: refrigeration, emergency lights, lift gates, waste collection mechanisms, and many others.