IoT (Internet of Things)

Power Pak & EBS Systems!

  • The IoT (Internet of Things) allows the Power Pak off-grid system to make a cottage a smart home. The EBS (emergency back-up system) with the loT informs the user what is happening.
  • This IoT system is installable into any Power Pak system or custom design project.
IoT - Power Pak + EBS


  • Ability to control 2 receptables on the Power Pak or EBS (emergency back-up system).
  • Built-in 2 calendar reminders.
  • Provides AC & DC measurements from your off-grid system.
  • Provides power consumption data for what was used on a weekend or month.
  • Provides indoor temperature readings in the building.
  • Can be controlled by the on-site HMI display.
  • Can be controlled by a phone app.

Microgreen IoT Block Diagram

  • With an Android or Apple app, the homeowner can communicate with the IoT device.
  • The IoT can turn on or off lights or multiple appliances.
  • The IoT will call your phone should an alarm be triggered on your Power Pak or EBS unit.
  • Access the app or the webpage on your device to inquire about the specifics i.e. battery voltage, solar power, temperature etc.
  • Use the IoT to turn lights on before your arrival.
  • Start your furnace ahead of time to warm up the cottage.
  • The IoT in the EBS will also call your phone when the power goes down.
  • The IoT can be installed into any Power Pak.
  • It measures different points inside the Power Pak and displays them on the local HMI display or our dedicated webpage.
  • Simply load the app and start communicating with your cottage or home.
  • There must be a Wi-Fi network at your cottage to communicate to the IoT.
  • The loT is extremely easy to setup.
  • Once you activate your app, you will recieve data within seconds.


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