A lot of people can do their own projects, and the ability to do many things. We salute these people and offer products for them.

Microgreen DIY is a great product and if used correctly will give the home owner a lot of flexibility for their own power sources.

Installing Solar is not too difficult but errors can occur when hooking up solar equipment without proper knowledge.

We offer kits that have been sub assembled, which helps minimize any room for errors. This is why we have created the starter kits.

The bulk of the equipment is connected together by our qualified technicians so you can easily setup an off grid system at your home or cottage, with minimal effort.

We have four products that are DIY.

Should you have any further questions, contact one of our qualified staff.

The Power Pak - basically a starter kit in a box

  • All the components are enclosed in a cabinet to minimize anyone playing with the equipment or getting electrocuted.
  • The Power Pak is a 4 Kw sine wave inverter with a 40 amp charge controller.
  • With this Power Pak, all you need is batteries, battery cables and some solar panels. So it is very easy to set up.
  • The unit will accept up to four 260 watt solar panels for the built in controller.
  • Two Power Paks are sufficient to take a house off the grid.
  • Can be completely customized:
    • You would need you to fill in a load evaluation spreadsheet; this will let us know how many watts you are currently using on a daily basis.
    • From this we can help you figure out how many panels and batteries you will require.

The Distribution box

  • Allows you to have some of the home or cottage protected with a backup system, without the need for a noisy, fuel dependent generator.
  • The box should be mounted near the electrical panel in your home.
  • You take up to 6 crucial circuits out of your electrical panel and wire them into this box.
  • Suggested crucial circuits can be, fridge, freezer, furnace fan, water pump, sump pump, lights and TV or radio and microwave.
  • This box has 6 breakers for the 6 circuits.
  • The A/C input of the box can come from either our starter kit, or a sine wave inverter, or our Power Pak, as long as any of these items can be set into UPS mode.
  • The power from the AC will operate these 6 circuits while the grid power is available.
  • When the grid power goes down, the inverter or Power Pak will switch from the AC input to the battery power.
  • These specific 6 circuits will operate as long as the batteries can provide the power.
  • We generally suggest you calculate how long you want these 6 circuits to operate, so you know how many batteries to install with the system.
  • Two batteries will usually give you 2-3 hours backup (very dependent on load and size of battery).

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