Microgreen distributes key products for building small scale off-grid solar generation and energy storage systems since 2011.

Our customers use our products to:

  • break free from unstable grid power;
  • to eliminate unfair delivery charges; to provide power where there is no grid;
  • to establish emergency back-up power systems;
  • to reduce carbon emissions;
  • to attain green branding

Our Products

We design and manufacture “solar + storage” products to serve a wide range of applications:

  • anti-idling of heavy duty vehicles such as service fleets and trucks for reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions
  • auxillary power for recreational vehicles and boats
  • electrification of HVAC in transit buses
  • off-grid power for farms, cottages & modular homes
  • power for radio base stations in mobile telephone networks
Technical Support

Microgreen endeavours to bring continuous innovation to the market place. We conduct R&D in partnership with University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and Centennial College. With our partners we deliver innovation and commercialization. We focus our innovation on enhancement of energy density, end-to-end cost decrease, and energy efficiency. We want our R&D work to help our customers to achieve a better carbon footprint.

Technical Support

We provide technical support for DIYers to configure and install their own systems. We operate a Service Shop to handle warranty & after-sales services. We carry Powerpak (off-grid in a box), IoT, solar panels, charge controllers, storage batteries, accessories for DIYers. Customers can purchase and test all required parts and accessories in one location. If it is not in our store, we can source it for you. The Service shop is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, an easy access point for most Torontonians to shop for Off-Grid products or a solar system.

Technical Support