Marine & Recreational Vehicles (RV)
Pack more power to your battery compartnment!

Replace your lead acid or AGM batteries with lithium ion. Their compact, lightweight design means they can pack more power into your boat or your RV’s battery compartment. With up to 5,000 charge/discharge cycles, this may be the last set of batteries your boat or your RV ever needs.

Take power into your own hands by adding solar to your boat. Have peace of mind when you’re far from shore, knowing that even if your engine breaks down, you’ll never be without power.

We’ll help you select the right batteries and solar panels for your boat or RV and guide you on how to do the battery replacement and install the solar panels.

Example of a customized lithium battery

Custom Lithium Battery

12 V - 200 AH (2.4 kWH of energy)

Marine solar & storage solution block diagram

Features & Benefits

  • More compact and lightweight than lead acid or AGM batteries
  • Long lifetime: 5,000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Fast charging (1-2 hours) – less time waiting, more time boating
  • Remote monitoring – check your battery’s state of charge without going below deck
  • Options for solar power, shore power, or both
  • Safety:
    • Proprietary battery management system prevents overcharging, overheating, and comes with optional low temperature charging down to -20°C
    • No-spark design for safe operating in engine rooms where fuel vapour is present
  • Lead-free


  • 2 years